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Alteration Services & Custom Handbags in New York, NY

When you need alteration services, custom handbags, and other high fashion services, turn to Marrakech Custom Tailors in New York, NY.

Turn To Us For:

  • Custom-Designed Clothing
    • Business
    • Special Occasions
    • Photo Shoots
    • And More
  • Alterations To Your Specifications
  • Replicating Clothing From A Verbal Description Or Picture
  • Custom-Designed Accessories For Homes Or Businesses
    • Seat Covers
    • Curtains
    • And More
Measuring for Alteration - Dress Alterations in New York, NY

We Specialize In:

  • Original Clothing For Women, Men, & Children
  • Custom-Made, One-Of-A-Kind, Soft Leather Handbags & Purses

Custom Purses & Handbags

Now you can get custom-designed women's handbags made from soft leathers, including cow, lambskin and goat. There are lots of different styles and colors to choose from, all custom-made to your specifications.

You'll find medium sizes with lots of different pockets on the inside or outside, and you can choose between short and long handles.

Send us a picture or bring in your idea, and we will make it for you. We can make these the same day for you for urgency.